Women's Nike 49ers #16 Joe Montana Black/Red Stitched NFL Elite Split Jersey

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Women's Nike 49ers #16 Joe Montana Black/Red Stitched NFL Elite Split Jersey

Women's Nike 49ers #16 Joe Montana Black/Red Stitched NFL Elite Split Jersey Women's Nike 49ers #16 Joe Montana Black/Red Stitched NFL Elite Split Jersey Women's Nike 49ers #16 Joe Montana Black/Red Stitched NFL Elite Split Jersey
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  • Nice starter kit.
  • Grandchildren. love it!!
  • I bought this to bring into an event at a football stadium and it is perfect! It’s a great size to fit anything you may need and the shoulder strap is perfect.
  • Kind of thin, good size and my mom will love the teams
  • Fantastic!!! Ordered on Wednesday, delivered on Monday from the U.S. to Germany! Great product, fits perfectly!!
  • Ran small and quality wasn't very good. It wore out in less than a year. Sort of like the one I bought from Kohls for only $20... Oh well.
  • Not as flowy as picture...fabric seems a bit cheap, but the color and length is nice.
  • Runs extremely small

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