Men's San Francisco 49ers White Sideline Legend Authentic Logo V-Neck NFL T-Shirt

Men's San Francisco 49ers White Sideline Legend Authentic Logo V-Neck NFL T-Shirt, Find the hottest custom jerseys ✓ Lot of exclusive Styles and Colors ✓ Free Shipping.

Men's San Francisco 49ers White Sideline Legend Authentic Logo V-Neck NFL T-Shirt

Men's San Francisco 49ers White Sideline Legend Authentic Logo V-Neck NFL T-Shirt Men's San Francisco 49ers White Sideline Legend Authentic Logo V-Neck NFL T-Shirt Men's San Francisco 49ers White Sideline Legend Authentic Logo V-Neck NFL T-Shirt
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  • Fits perfect for me. Normally wear a medium woman and got this in an xl. Fit perfectly
  • Very warm and comfortable.
  • Bought these for someone who has everything and is a Packer fan. Not the heaviest, but will do fine for wearing outside in winter and shoveling snow, especially since we have had about 2 feet so far this year. Pros: A nice solid glove. Cons: Would have preferred different sizes. This is a one size fits most so it limited who I would gift them to.
  • Awesome. My son's favorite player and what a look of joy as a Christmas gift!
  • It's an apron and a hat. Not much else to say.
  • My husband love it.

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