Floating Locket - Hand Stamped Locket - Personalized Memory Locket

Floating Locket - Hand Stamped Locket - Personalized Memory Locket

Not an Australian Business

These people are selling cheap items from Hong Kong. They are not based in Australia and have no phone number or real life address. They lie about postage times and do not provide tracking details. If your item doesn't arrive the best you get is a 10% refund.

Floating Locket - Hand Stamped Locket - Personalized Memory Locket
Very Satisfied

I wasn’t sure what to expect after reading the reviews online about poor delivery and no customer service but I was completely satisfied with my order and how it was handled. I ordered an item with express post delivery and arrived a few days after the expected delivery date however, I did receive an email stating that there was a delay and was also offered options to compensate for not being able to meet the delivery date. The product was also great, no damage and was exactly how I saw it on their website. I will definitely buy again.

Floating Locket - Hand Stamped Locket - Personalized Memory Locket
Floating Locket - Hand Stamped Locket - Personalized Memory Locket, Looking for new name gold necklace? Sale all Cheap name gold necklace Vinyl with best price.
Terrible customer service

Was Guaranteed delivery before Christmas but still haven’t arrived.
Terrible customer service when asking for a refund for the delivery.

Floating Locket - Hand Stamped Locket - Personalized Memory Locket
Poor quality slow delivery

Quality is very poor for the price. Item is smaller than pictured and the engraving is terrible. Delivery took 6 weeks. Unacceptable.

Floating Locket - Hand Stamped Locket - Personalized Memory Locket
Do not Buy from this company.

I ordered a necklace for my wife for Christmas on the 6th Dec 2018. Was told that it would be guaranteed to arrive before Christmas. Then the date was changed to the 28th Dec 2018. It is now the 8th of Jan 2019 and I still don't have it and there is no date for delivery on my tracking. I have sent three emails to the company with no information in the replies of any use. I wish that I had looked at some reviews before I ordered it I would strongly recommend that you use another company as this one seems to be very incompetent.

Floating Locket - Hand Stamped Locket - Personalized Memory Locket

Floating Locket - Hand Stamped Locket - Personalized Memory Locket

Useless Customer Service

Placed an order Nov 19th, it is now Jan 6th and I haven't received my items. According to customer service, first package was lost so they sent a replacement...TO THE WRONG ZIP CODE. They take a week to answer emails and do not take the time to read and understand the problem. Hence, they've shipped the order twice to the billing zip code (where I can't receive packages, just mail) instead of the shipping address I put down when I placed the order and that's included in the order confirmation. I'll have to file a claim with my bank.

Floating Locket - Hand Stamped Locket - Personalized Memory Locket
Ordered for Xmas and paid extra postage. Still waiting for it to arrive. I will NEVER use this compa

Worst customer service ever! Massive SCAM! Don’t think I will ever get my money or the necklace. Warn other people!

Floating Locket - Hand Stamped Locket - Personalized Memory Locket
Annie O
Worst service!

I wish I had read the reviews before making my purchase. I ordered a bracelet on the 10th December 2018 as a Christmas present for my mum, and I’m still waiting! Tracking date keeps changing and now it says 17th January 2019! I have emailed with no response. Worst customer service ever! Maybe it will arrive in time for Christmas 2019! Avoid at all costs!

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Floating Locket - Hand Stamped Locket - Personalized Memory Locket
Very disappointing

The only reason I ordered was because I was guaranteed to delivery. Ordered on the 28th of November its now 3rd of January and nothing!
Emailed them on Christmas eve to find out what was going on and they assured me it would be here in Christmas day....... noone is going to deliver on Christmas day!
They then tried to assure me that "after careful checking your order is still processing and you will receive an email when it's been shipped"...... I received that email on the 7th of December. They have no clue where my order is and since I've already paid for it they dont care! Very upsetting. Bought a necklace for my sister with her daughters name engraved was very excited to see her open it but no... instead I had to rush and try find something else and the last minute! Very upsetting and disappointed!

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Floating Locket - Hand Stamped Locket - Personalized Memory Locket
Evie S
Scammers - liars - disgusting company! WARNING - do not waste your hard earned money!

These scumbags are liars, cheats and thieves! Their company is a scam based company with no offers of refunds, no 'real' tracking available and no products delivered 1.5 months on! They ruined my Christmas gifts for my friends - I have reviewed them everywhere even on their Instagram pages, their FB pages, Twitter and everywhere possible! I've even called my bank to start the process of a full refund under the fraud act as they have not delivered items and can't prove any tracking so any day now i'll be getting my money back! What dirty low-life scum!

Floating Locket - Hand Stamped Locket - Personalized Memory Locket
Jeremy C
Delivery has taken over 1 month. Missed Christmas

On December 2nd, I ordered several hundred dollars worth of jewellery. They billed me the same day and promised delivery before Christmas. I did not get an order confirmation email until I followed up on December 14th. It is now Jan 3rd 2019 and still no delivery. Their tracking system was saying delivery is due for December 24th for ages and now has no estimated delivery date.

Floating Locket - Hand Stamped Locket - Personalized Memory Locket
Terrible service and no product

Ordered a necklace with guaranteed delivery before Christmas and it still hasn’t arrived. Raised with the site and offer 10% refund, 50% off my next purchase or a pair of ear rings for delivery November 2019. That’s not a typo. Delivery November 2019, eleven months after my original delivery was due!! I would have accepted the ear rings but eleven months was too long to wait. When questioned they confirmed the date for the war rings was correct. I asked what other options they could offer given I had to order a replacement present and they said there was nothing else they could do. I was prepare to be flexible but they wouldn’t offer any other options. I can’t remember a time when I’ve been more disappointed with an online purchase. Please don’t order through this site.

Floating Locket - Hand Stamped Locket - Personalized Memory Locket

  • Fast shipping, and exactly what was pictured!
  • Excellent shop... purchase here all the time....
  • Perfect! Exactly what I expected. Thank you :)
  • Just got my bangles. To a to receive them but I love them.
  • Just what I was looking for. Cute necklace. Thank you.
  • I cannot thank you enough Michael, she loved it to the point she cried happy tears. A successful project for a woman who is not materialistic. I'll come back to you my friend.
  • A very beautiful ring and fast shipment :)
  • Great! Works well and looks just like the picture!
  • Worst company EVER will not deal with them again

    Promised Christmas delivery guaranteed and I ordered a necklace 3 weeks before Christmas but it never arrived and the WORST customer service ever. Once you make the payment they do not care at all

    Floating Locket - Hand Stamped Locket - Personalized Memory Locket
    Brooke C.
    Extremely late delivery and unprofessional

    I’m disappointed. Ordered a necklace for my mum for Christmas and still don’t have it. Refund offered within 24hrs. Nothing

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    Floating Locket - Hand Stamped Locket - Personalized Memory Locket
    Delivery by Christmas is a false statement!

    Beware this place is located in Israel and not reliable!

    Guaranteed Delivery by Christmas is a false promise!
    I ordered my wife’s Christmas present from here on 12-10-18 and it was guaranteed delivery before Christmas. I emailed them on 12-16-18 to make sure it would arrive by Christmas, and was informed that it would for sure arrive on time. On 12-24-18 I called DHL and they informed me that my purchase would arrive on 12-26-18. So I can tell you do not order from these folks if you need something by a certain date. I contacted them and told them I wasn’t pleased with their service and would like a full refund. They offered me a 10% refund, a pair of earrings that would be shipped in November, or 50% off of my next purchase. Needless to say I told them to keep their measly 10% refund and I would be sure to inform everyone of the service I had received. I have plenty of proof of the guarantee they promised and all of the emails.

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    Floating Locket - Hand Stamped Locket - Personalized Memory Locket
    No Regard for guaranteed delivery times

    I paid $25.00 for expediates postage. This was guaranteed to arrive by Christmas as it was a gift.
    I received this 2 days after Christmas. Very dissapointing regardless of my numerous requests and subsequent guarantees.

    Floating Locket - Hand Stamped Locket - Personalized Memory Locket
    mad dowse
    Another Christmas gift that didn't turn up

    Ordered in November with promise of Christmas delivery but item never showed up. Still waiting. Customer service just replies with "please wait longer".
    Very disappointed.

    Floating Locket - Hand Stamped Locket - Personalized Memory Locket
    Lee L
    Just as perfect second time round.

    I absolutely loved the piece I ordered.
    I ordered a customized necklace for my mother's birthday. It arrived as expected and it was beautiful, but there was a tiny mistake with one of the names engraved on it.
    I emailed and they responded quite timely,.
    Once I had sent a photo through of the piece with mistake.
    Once again a quick response to replace the necklace with no hesitation.
    My mother is now wearing her Christmas present and she cried when she saw it and it made the experience even better.

    Floating Locket - Hand Stamped Locket - Personalized Memory Locket
    Never use this company.

    Purchased for pre Christmas delivery and Item still not received. They are not willing to help and only want to offer me a discount on a future purchase. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. THEY POST FROM ISRAEL WHICH THEY DONT MENTION ON THEIR SITE!

    Floating Locket - Hand Stamped Locket - Personalized Memory Locket
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  • Terrible company and flat out dishonest

    Guaranteed product prior to Christmas have no received it and cannot contact anyone. Generic reply to emails only and no tracking number. Awful company.

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    Questions & Answers
    Does anyone have advice on where to complain or obtain a refund? Like most of you here, I made a purchase at the beginning of December, it does not look like it will be shipped at all.
    2 answers
    Did you receive a tracking or confirmation email? I’m finding it so odd, I recieved my order late but only by 2 days.. and I recieved a confirmation email, tracking link, an email stating it till be delayed and then I recieved my order.. I was also monitoring the tracking and where it was coming from and it was accurate until I recieved my order. Maybe check your junk emails also?ACC

    How do I go about getting a refund if I paid through mastercard? I ordered with express shipping and never received a confirmation email (which i got in contact with them about and they told me i would receive one within a few hours- never did). After the estimated date my package was supposed to arrive passed, I contacted them about locating it and also that I never received a confirmation email. They responded back with "due to unexpected problems, we will not be able to deliver it within the stated deadline" an apology and an offer for some compensation (which i ignored). I contacted them today to get an update on when my package would arrive, sent the email, and then decided to search the company and found this website. I immediately sent them an email demanding a refund and assured them that I was not afraid to take it further. Do I wait to hear back from them about getting a refund or should i contact my bank straight away? Thanks, Emily
    1 answer
    Ask your bank or the fraud department on 03001232040 i have had the same problem with them 3 months on now and not received the necklace i'v ordered from them neither refund

    Has anyone managed to get a full refund - I'm arguing over an xmas order and they are saying I'm only getting a refund of 70% - it's in their terms and conditions this company is a joke!
    3 answers
    I got a full refund via Paypal, that’s the only way, this company is a scamming joke, they tried to offer 40% etc. but I would file a fraudulent claim if you payed through credit card or through Paypal’s resolutions centre before it’s too lateI tried through paypal but they got me... I sent the goods back via a prepaid satchel they sent me s therefore paypal won't pay because there is no tracking - oh well you and learn!Like Butcher I obtained a full refund through PayPal. They had ignored my previous emails and then were very polite once I went via PayPal. They then said they would give me a full refund but only if I dropped the PayPal incident. I refused and sent a full explanation to PayPal. Funnily enough I received a full refund a couple of days later.
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